Characteristics of customer management system

The Queue management system provided by Opentech company is a Full WIFI electronic system to manage customer waiting by giving all customers and visitors specific dates for the purpose of facilitating work, improving service efficiency, and obtaining customer satisfaction by reducing waiting times as they are used in crowded places such as government agencies, banks, and lounges Presentation, service centers, etc.


kiosk machine

The Queue waiting system consists of a touch screen and a printer and is used as an automatic customer management system. The touch screen displays the services provided by the institution (service lists can be managed from the control panel) and the user can choose any of these services (these services are displayed in English and Arabic and any other language the customer wants to add) and advertisements can be displayed and a Waiting number card can be obtained, it displays:

  • - Company's name
  • - date and time
  • - card number
  • - The service for this card
  • - The number of customers waiting
  • - Average time for providing this service
  • - Custom message (special offer for example) below the card

Customer management system

Customer management system that developed by Opentech is characterized by its strong software architecture and designed according to the standards of the global network, which makes its application and maintenance easy. Below, we clarify the main parts of the system management, which makes it distinguished in performance in meeting the needs and requirements of organizations that receive large numbers of customers regularly.

  • - Staff management
  • - Managing the windows providing the service
  • - Language management
  • - Shape management (colors - font size)
  • - Manage waiting card numbers service
  • - Advertising program
  • - The user delegated certain services
  • - Report Engine


Each employee uses their own username and password to access the system and after logging in to the system they find that the system interface and its functions are modified based on their work permits.

The following are the main functions that we offer to employees while they wait for customers:

  • - Employee login
  • - Personal account management
  • - change Password
  • - Show authorized services
  • - Session management
  • - Customer flow management

Display screens for waiting customers

These screens display the role card numbers that each window serves. The size and number of screens are determined based on the customer’s location, large screens are usually used in waiting areas, while small screens are used on service windows. The audio advertising program in the customer management system is keen to inform the customers waiting in the electronic queue of their role in obtaining the service immediately. Once the call is made to a new customer, the program launches an audio announcement in which it specifies the customer card number, which is time to provide the service, and the window that the customer should go to. Usually, this system works through an electronic advertisement announcing the card number and the window that will provide the service, for example: "Customer Number 1, Window No. 1."

Employee wind panels

Each window of the windows providing services to customers is provided with an identification board and the back of the card number, whose turn has come with the number of the window, in order to show the customer the window that he must go to.